Teldrassil Enclave

Teldrassil Enclave
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Teldrassil Enclave

An absolutely enormous tree stretching several miles into the sky, this massive 'world tree' was grown by an isolationist race of nocturnal elves attempting to reclaim their immortality. Up in its mighty branches is basically an enormous island behind held up in the sky. The island, itself heavily forested and has its own ecosystem ranging from mountainous regions to lakes and ornate East Asia style villages. The wildlife here, much like the tree, is unusually big and ferocious in spite of the Starvia finding the area difficult to penetrate. Giant venomous spiders, manbears, and the occasional interloping demons await. Teldrassil is a goldmine of natural resources. However, the local night elves can be very xenophobic and are very protective of their home.

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