Dragon Graveyard

Dragon Graveyard
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Dragon Graveyard

Deep underground, in a location hot enough to cook you like a summer sausage if you stay for too long, a dragon tomb lays in wait. Guarding this tomb are mighty dragons that have fight to stave off the starvia through sheer force of body. However, they're not entirely successful and you'll occasionally find their fallen friends attacking indiscriminately. The tomb is decorated with the bones of dragons bigger than the imagination. You'll be walking through gigantic rib cages and skulls and tripping over femurs if you're not careful. The dragons, at least the non-infected ones, are of a lawful neutral alignment. Outsiders are not welcome without their permission and may be attacked if they enter without permission. Beware, as in addition to being dragons they also tend to be magicians, making their voices as powerful as their claws. It is said that ancient draconic treasures are kept here, as well as their young. The dragons and their tribe retreated here when the starvia began encroaching on other areas of the cave system, as it is the most easily defensible area of the area. Occasionally, you can find magical laser turrets guarding the entrances to pathways.

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