The Moon Sphere

The Moon Sphere
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The Moon Sphere

The Moon Sphere is an erratic, error-prone simulation of the Life Sphere created by Porky to simulate the spread of an airborne cure for the starvia that never became reality. The simulation has been damaged by time and is heavily distorted compared to the real thing. Buildings twist, it is eternally night, many things are wildly off-color/texture. At times, it may start to feel like you're in a Salvador Dali painting. Simulated versions of every citizen wander around in various states of intelligence, from nearly lifelike to completely insane. They remain unaware that their existence is tied to this place, but are fully capable of attacking others, and can sometimes be found fighting off lost infected. However, they are generally weaker than the real thing and often fail to protect themselves as a result. At the end of every month, the simulation 'resets'.

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