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Power Star: Guarded by the Infected Beast

A ruined district of withered mansions that is and was known both for its large number of ghosts. In the skies above it, a celestial body known as the Dark Moon has a pacifying effect on ghosts. This could be a civilized habitat for ghosts, perhaps a domain over which King Boo can rule, that like everywhere else can constantly fall into trouble.

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Hasbean Castle Conquest (Mission)

A town above the skies which safe ground are a bunch of giant mushrooms. In spite of being relatively safer from the virus plaguing the world, the town is mostly desert save for a few wandering souls. Being from the no-longer-neighboring Beanbean Kingdom could provide any explorers some sort of interesting loot, though it is generally advised to consume food from there with extreme caution.

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A humongous expanse of twisting pipes and filthy mazelike corridors travel far and wide throughout the kingdom. It's said that an elusive underground city and the legendary Thousand Year Door guards the entrance to a place of true evil somewhere deep within the sewers. Many of the corridors are flooded, however, and the environment is highly toxic making travel difficult. The surface is said to be haunted by spirits of Rogueport's past.

Mushroom Ruins

Mushroom Ruins
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Mushroom Ruins

The forgotten ruins of the once idolized Mushroom Kingdom. After the big collapse of Subspace, Mario never got the chance to revisit his homeland. Luckily, most of the kingdom's residents made it safely to Life Sphere Central. This area of ruin is said to be the safest to adventure in due to the low activity of Starvia.

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