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A massive effigy of an arm lies in the water off the coast of Cauldros, and on the palm is a paradise untouched by the Stravia. Farther in lies an abandoned village, once thought to belong to the Machina, the people of Mechonis. None of the Machina remain, but the tech they left behind could prove valuable, if one can brave the Mechon that still roam the place.

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[Mission] ARS Treasure Hunt

A wretched land corrupted by dark, evil, monsters. A land so plumed with evil, that your very core shakes with hellacious discomfort. The place is ever changing, it is a vast blackness with random puzzles of platforms and blocks that can hurt you. There is also layers of rotting demonic flesh. You can always turn back, you know.

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Lillie Crashes Abroad [Mission]

This area of the ocean is guarded by Poseidon and acts as a maritime minefield of rapid currents that could tear smaller ships apart and dash larger ships against the rocky reefs surrounding the area. The reefs themselves were created by underwater volcanic activity, with the upper tips of a few volcanoes breaching the surface of the water even. The area is surrounded by a perpetual fog that makes sight difficult, but it's rumored that an Atlantis-esque ancient society named Lemuria hides deep within. Some speculate that this is the same ancient kingdom rumored to lay on the ocean floor in the area, while others insist that they observed the hylian royal crest, rather than any Lemurian symbols.


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A dark landscape broken by pools of molten rock, ancient battlefields, and the ruins of an old city that came from an alien planet. What used to be a main stronghold for an alien race had turned into a black wasteland thanks to the Starvia. This burning continent is now mostly abandoned, save for the occasional wildlife scrambling to survive inside the empty city and forts. Only meant to be braved by the toughest of fighters, Cauldros challenges any daring to enter it and explore due to weather oddities such as electromagnetic storms. However, the technology hidden throughout the land might be worth retrieving.

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