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A long lost kingdom that stayed in seclusion for millennia, now brought to the naked eye due to a space-time anomaly. While it looks like a simple set of interconnected islands, this place boasts strange geometry, as the land and sky itself seems to be rend in pieces, and it floats about seemingly at random. Whilst Starvia activity is low, ghastly soldiers with murderous intent as their only drive scout the isles and tend to attack on sight of visitors.

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Trapped in Hellworld [Mission]

Once a proud prefecture close to japan, during the events of Shin Megami Tensei, was changed into a jagged realm, full of marauders, poisoned air and no sunlight through the roof. Those who live in this area often have the belief that the Gods have abandoned them, as Demons from the underworld roam freely, consuming those who they find whole, and those who live have rampant gang wars. Even the holiest of angelic creatures feel a sadness deep in this location. This place is hopeless... Perhaps. Its your call on whether or not to try and save this city. The long exiled city is hidden underground, which can be accessed through the lower basements of Crestfallen Castle.

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The Village Part 2: Madness Within (Mission)

Little interconnected islands and giant trees, some of which are hollowed out to be used as homes for an race of tribal apelike creatures that don't take kindly to visitors, decorate the mucky expanse of bog that makes up most of the terrain. Many a creature, and traveler, has met their end after stepping into the 'waters' and finding themselves swallowed up by the earth. If that weren't enough, the area is also filled with man-eating plant life, gigantic boars, giant venomous frogs and gnorc poachers. In spite of its dangers, the bog has a low Starvia presence and is extremely important to Li's biodiversity.

Crestfallen Castle

Crestfallen Castle
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Crestfallen Castle

A great castle that is amazingly still standing but rather beat up from the impact. There is a mighty wind that constantly storms across this castle. The source of the wind is unknown, but legend states that the wind protects a wealth of treasure no man has ever seen before. Once part of a mighty kingdom known as Renais, this castle is now a lone structure not fond of visitors. Weather conditions are bearable, but not easily tread.

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