The Painted World of Ariamis

The Painted World of Ariamis
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The Painted World of Ariamis

The work of a talented painter sits hidden in a massive cavern near the base of a mountain. A painting that dwarfs even two-story buildings with ease draws in and traps those that get too close, sucking them into the painting and trapping them within the world terrible world it depicts. It is a frozen, snowy, lifeless land. An old and decrepit, yet massive, stone structure sits atop a mountain surrounded by sheer cliffsides, proving to be the main area of interest. The undead haunt the area, empowered by whatever magic gives this place life. From giant rats and humans to dragons and abominations that defy explanation, the area is extremely hostile to those that enter it. The only way to escape the painting is to climb to the top of the cathedral and jump off the mountain. It's said that a giant woman in white guards over the cathedral, guiding those who reach her to leave but becoming hostile if they do not.

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