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Recent Post by Alien-Child (Dec 13, 2023 18:34:11 GMT -8)

Show me your Brave Heart! (sign-ups FULL)

Sunshine Circle is the center of Life Sphere. It contains a data module implanted within the broad circle that harnesses missions, S.O.S. signals, vital information about Li, and many other need to know essentials for survival and conquest in a world filled with misery and ruin. Here you'll often find missions or events that you may accept, or you can RP your character in this area to request a mission for yourself if there are none available to take.

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Recent Post by TartoonHand94 (Feb 23, 2024 17:55:33 GMT -8)

Party Too Hardy

Here players may challenge eachother in PvP combat. Once a player creates the topic to challenge another person, the other person may accept and then a mod(playing the role of a referee in the bout) oversees the match and decides who wins based off of post specifics and damage done. After winning twice, one gets to add an extra attack to their moveset of special OR primary attacks and gets bragging rights as well.

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Recent Post by LuckiCorii (Apr 26, 2024 13:14:35 GMT -8)

Bean Ball!

Rainbow Square is where entertainers and various street performers come to make money and put on a show for civilians walking by. You can also come here to listen in on grand tales and happenings on the planet Li as well as get some juicy gossip and hone in on any fishy rumors that may interest you. If your looking for some information regarding certain people or places, or maybe even just to be entertained, this place is for you.

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Recent Post by PolarStarQuote (Dec 26, 2023 21:19:48 GMT -8)

Moon and Mercury

Brightwing lane is the living district of Life Sphere. Most residents live in homes within this district peacefully. Crime is not allowed in the Life Sphere and will not be tolerated by any means. Crimes and obstructions have indeed been reported before here, but have since dropped after the recent spread of Starvia. Come here if you'd like to connect and get to know the residents of Life Sphere Central, or even rest in your own home.

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Recent Post by jokerjay779 (Apr 30, 2024 17:06:38 GMT -8)

Sweet Dreams are Made of Beans

Here is where most criminals and careless pedestrians lurk selling illegal products and dangerous artifacts. Some rare items were said to have been found here, but watch out, there are scammers who aim to trick and sell you something much more dangerous and unwanted than something you need or want. Unless you have a knack for communicating with low life scum, this place is not suggested as a common visiting grounds.

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Recent Post by TartoonHand94 (Jul 30, 2021 11:32:13 GMT -8)

Your Freedom.

This is the police station ran conveniently by the toads of The Mushroom Kingdom. They keep the headquarters clean and spot free to all visitors, as well as running a tight jail to ensure criminals cannot escape. From time to time people have volunteered to help run the place such as Solid Snake and Captain Falcon, but the population of Life Sphere has enjoyed the toads running the facility and entrust them with the duties for as long as the toads can handle. No complaints or reports have been made against them, and no criminals have escaped their grasps,yet. You may come here to report any suspicious activity or crimes committed, or just to say hi to the toads.

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Recent Post by Tifa Lockhart (Dec 30, 2023 15:51:14 GMT -8)

A rough start [Social]

A hospital ran by Nurse Joy and her beloved Chanseys. And no, it's NOT just a pokemon center! Nurse Joy in this day and age takes care of ALL kinds of species, people, and creatures alike! This hospital is a huge twenty story building made up of only the best technology and some wonderful scenic views of the many districts of Life Sphere! Come here if your hurt or ill.

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Recent Post by krystlotus (Dec 6, 2023 18:00:29 GMT -8)

Two Sides of One Story

Currently Harvest Acres is the only plot of land within the Life Sphere that has been deemed to have healthy enough soil to grow food and raise animals within. It is not nearly the size of a city block, but this area is better preserved than most sections of the Life Sphere. Only few dedicate their days to harvesting and maintaining the crops, the head of which being Jack, native to Forget-Me-Not Valley and expert farmer.

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Recent Post by Nostalgia (Apr 1, 2022 13:55:00 GMT -8)


A lobby full of busy and active characters from around the realms who prep for their missions here, eat, relax, mingle, boast, and share their experiences here with eachother. This is a popular place to discuss ranks, make teams, compare rewards, items, and assist trophies, as well as make new friends. This lobby is in a large circular structure connected to the Life Sphere near the back entrance to the wastelands of Li. Open RP Zone.

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Recent Post by Heartless Valorie (Dec 22, 2023 22:05:24 GMT -8)

The Subtle Art of Bullying

Hylia's Grace Academy is a massive school that acts as the main hub for all things education in the Life Sphere. It is constructed from Materials of a Sheikah Shrine, Causing the schools infrastructure to be strong enough to withstand any attack, and with a self-defense system to take care of any suddenly villainous entities. Covers schooling of every development, From Pre-K to College, With buildings for each.

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Recent Post by RavenSaint (Jul 25, 2023 21:27:18 GMT -8)

Plan to either Defeat Link or World Domination Saga

In this data module hooked up to Samus's lab in Life Sphere Central, it possesses all old mission data showing things like mission results, old sign up boards, former battles and boss fights, and previous information regarding the areas of Li. Come here to remember elements of the past. Think of it like a digital library.

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Life Sphere

This is where those unaffected by the Starvia disease come to socialize, rest, and refresh before going back out to the dangerous lands of Li. It is protected by a gigantic force field which was made with technology similar to Samus Aran's home of Tetra, and of the technology she had gathered on planet Zebes before it was destroyed.

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