Endless Great Cave

Endless Great Cave
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Endless Great Cave

A deep cave system beneath the meadows that seems to contain a bunch of different biomes. The depths of the cave seems to be split into multiple sections such as the Tree-Sub Area, where grass and plant life strive despite being far from the sun. The Crystal Area that has many sparkling blue gems as well as a bright lake. The Old Tower, which is a massive brick tower near the center of the system that goes high up and contains many traps and almost castle like in structure. Finally, there is the Garden Area, a palace like garden where the sky is strangely visible despite being really far underground, some speculate this may be an allusion. A vast amount of treasure lays hidden in this cavern but be careful not to get lost. Strangely, despite the land above being one of the most pure, the cave system has a strong presence of infected.

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