The Underworld

The Underworld
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The Underworld

Some refer to it as the underworld, others as the black kingdom, and others still simply as "hell". A portal leading to this dark place awaits hidden underneath Satan's very own tower, which itself is a labyrinth-like magic tower where the walls themselves may reach out and grab you if you're not careful. The underworld is filled to the brim with monsters who do not need the starvia's aid to strike fear and trauma into the hearts of mortals. For most characters, the underworld is one of the most dangerous locations they could choose to visit. However, it is not without merit. Forbidden and cursed treasures are rumored to lie in wait to those brave enough to face it. Be wary, as The Underworld is not known for allowing those who enter it to leave without paying a price of some sort. It is said, however, that the pure of heart can come and go as they please.

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