The Edge of the Universe

The Edge of the Universe
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The Edge of the Universe

An anomalous location sitting at the corner of the universe where the fabric of space-time comes to its end, oddly enough sitting right here on Li. This bizarre spacial anomaly is the source of a great deal of esoteric behavior. Disembodied dirt roads float off into space, leaving a spacial void in their wake that would logically lead to the center of the planet yet has no end, only sheer cliff faces surrounding it. Those who visit it find it difficult to recall what they saw and experienced and time seem to stop while you are here. A day can pass with but a few seconds going by in the outside world. Chunks of rock and clouds of sediment float around in defiance of gravity. Occasionally, powerful storms can be observed to throw them around. Yet, no wind can be felt. It is said that no one lives here, and yet if one reaches out with their senses they can distinctly detect a solitary presence. Unfortunately, this presence itself seems to supernaturally exit the mind if not pursued, proving extremely difficult to recall if one is not actively thinking about it. As one ventures deeper down the spiraling dirt roads leading into the abyss, the world becomes darker around them. The shimmering galaxies of what might appear to be space are replaced by a much colder, emptier atmosphere. You can feel an air of hopelessness just being in such a bleak place. Who or what would ever choose to live here..?

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